The green pepper of Japanese style grilled meat “Takumi” is the best!

Popular BBQ store in the Novotel hotel “Takumi”

A barbecue shop “Takumiya” (TAKUMIYA) at a Novotel hotel that everyone knows is a shop that you can eat delicious yakiniku that you can eat wagyu with confidence if you are a Japanese living in Myanmar.

Raw eat peppers are excellent items

In raw bell pepper, Myanmar it is very organic because it is organic farming

Of course the yakiniku is delicious, but my favorite is green peppers.

I think that there are not many people eating green peppers in Japan. I also heartburn when I eat green peppers, but the vegetables in Myanmar are often organic cultivation, it is super delicious.

There is no sweet and strange egress. I am eating it with miso but it is more delicious than yakiniku and I already requested a plate. We ate 16 dishes of 2 dish all in total! (Surprised)

In a beautiful shop is a black set and cool

Red armor which is also a symbol of the master

There is also a Japanese style barbecue shop, smoke also has a ventilator properly on the table so it will not smell the clothes.

Both the room and the table are made of cool black making. How at the entrance of the restaurant! There is Japanese armor, too! ! (How did you bring it?)

It is very cool with red armor. It matched red of that armor so that the design with black is calm and can be used for company people, family members, date.

The beginning is from Yukke

I can not eat cow’s Yukke in Japan, but I can eat it in Myanmar. However, it is self-responsibility. It was horse-sting of Yukke cherry blossom here as in Japan, but it was delicious not to be too crowded to eat in Japan.

Eggs have a slight resistance to eating abroad, but if you are this artist you can eat safely. I also carved ginger and cucumbers cleanly and I can see the work of Mr. Cock.

A horse Yukke which carved cleanly ginger

Lunch barbecue too!

We stayed at the Novotel hotel and we had a lunch with a developer as a master. It is a good place to have lunch with ease.

It is Japanese that you can eat grilled meat set menu at lunch!

It’s graceful to have a full-fledged grilled meat lunch set with a set meal!

Seafood to Myanmar’s child who dislikes beef

Myanmar is a mainstream chicken and pork and there are many children who do not eat beef. This time I ordered seafood for this girl. Baking seafood with charcoal is really delicious.

Shrimp is well distributed for good eating. I also made delicious shrimp with fried shrimp. Of course, we had delicious beef with rice, too!

Lunch Meeting with the developers!

This time I did a grilled meat lunch with the developer team. One developer knew that the meal was delicious.

As Myanmar seems not to have rice cakes rich, it may be fresh. However, there seems to be some rice that has rice cake in Myanmar when listening well, and he said that his parents can eat this rice cake.

After all it is delicious what you eat from a young age!

Everyone develops “Warmae which can find delicious food in Myanmar” so that you can find such delicious shops too.

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