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This time I will introduce BABETT (Babett) on the first floor of “Hotel G” in downtown.

Hotel ✖︎ New space of the restaurant! What?

Actually, we can not talk about this Babett.

Hotel G develops around the world with French capital and is a company that changes the names and concepts of hotels and restaurants for each country, such as Thailand and Singapore, and is a company that produces a unique atmosphere while matching the country, It has become very popular.

The French people are located in all the hotels and restaurants that this company deals with, thoroughly manage the “quality” of the taste somewhat, and thoroughly marketing according to that country.

But different for each country, there is one thing consistent with this series. It is a fusion of hotels and restaurants!

So to the shop quickly.


Luxury and design are unified in hotels and restaurants

The first thing that jumped into the eyes was the reception desk of the hotel and the wine cellar aligned side by side with Bissiri. (The reception is the portion of G – SHOP on the right side of the photo 1st sheet)

I see! There is no space separating the hotel lobby and the restaurant, and the colors of lighting, walls and objects are unified and feel a sense of unity.

This hotel does not have a fear of being afraid, and it is comfortable in this space which freely puts in the restaurant freely and freely and spiritually.

We also deal with dry aging beef

Every restaurant has strengths and things that are only there. Here in Babet it is the staff’s service and this special space, but there are other items for everything else.

It is dry aging (dry aged meat)!

What is dry aging beef?

Dry aging is made from beef, mainly made from beef, meat such as beef, lamb, jinbei (wild venison etc), so that it can be matured while preserving it to make it more soft and delicious. Dry aged beef was popular in Japan a few years ago!

As it is dry aging and the surface is dried and ripened, excessive moisture flies and flavor and aroma become meat which is condensed inside, the meat quality becomes soft by the function of the enzyme, one amino acid of the umami component increases I will continue.

Originally, in the era when there was no refrigerator, it was originated from hanging the meat in Europe in a cool cave or an underground warehouse and preserved it, originating from the carcass carcasses, primal and subprimary without refrigeration at 1-5 It is a method to finish it into a soft meat with a unique flavor by storing it for a week and promoting the reaction by natural enzyme and the biochemical process.

Today, it is common to send wind to the meat arranged on the shelf by turning a lot of electric fans inside a room adjusted to a humidity of 60 to 80%, storage and aging. In one butcher, it is said that the amount of amino acids in beef that had been aged for 40 days increased by 5 to 6 times.

In Yangon you can only taste it with a babet


Myanmar has a climate of extremely high temperature and humidity. There is no exaggeration to say that it is a miracle to be able to eat dry aged beef there.

In Babet, from 20 to 2 months we preserve the meat in this special aging store, and control the temperature, humidity, wind, and even microorganisms, it is the optimum condition to eat meat more than ever and eat You can eat dry aging!

There are only babettes to eat dry aged beef in Yangon. Those who want to eat the best meat that has matured, please try it!

It offers the best dry aged beef at its best

And the thing that should not be forgotten is the existence of a chef that cooks the meat of the dry aging more deliciously. How! Two people are enrolled in this baffet.

The left is Gabi, a Spanish chef, and the right is Ryu from a Chinese chef.

How luxurious it is that there are two foreign chefs to provide the best dry aging, Babett.

They seem to be coming to Myanmar from hotels in other countries, and it seems that the Myanmar people also are teaching the taste and cooking method tasted in the home. It is reliable! !

Abundant tapas that you can taste easily

The best dry aging beef is also good, but it is also the attraction of Babet to easily meet high quality taste.

here we go! Sorry I made you wait.
I would like to pick up the dishes of interest from here.

First of all I would like to introduce this tapas (Tapa). Tapas is a variety of Spanish cuisine appetizers and Babet chefs have Spaniards so you can enjoy Western and European international cuisine with Spanish cuisine.

I saw the tapas menu for the first time in Yangon!


Besides, all 3000ks COSPA. Whether it ‘s a snack of liquor, or when small horses are empty, it’ s exactly right amount.

This time, I ordered 2 popular items from the tapas menu.

Spanish-style potato salad and Spanish potato croquette!

Compatibility with stick biscuits Batugun Spanish potato salad

Spanish potato salad is simple and simple taste mixed tuna and potato unlike Japanese potato salad. But, the black pepper on top makes the taste of the potato opposite in reverse as a tangerine.

There is no doubt that beer will go when you turn to knob!

As Italian grasshini style biscuit stick is on board, if you eat potatoes and eat it again, it is irresistible. At first glance, I think that it is an ordinary stick biscuit, compatibility of biscuit crunch and potato salad is outstanding, “Susumu, Susumu !!” It is very delicious.

Hot Spanish croquette is full of cream

The Spanish-style croquette is carried by the crown croquette in hot weather.

It is natural as croquettes, but crisp outside. However, there are plenty of cream in it, and it is crowded with potatoes. It matches sourness of sour cream on top. This is also a dish that the beer advances.

Two potato dishes suffered and it failed somewhat. Although I thought it was inner, I felt the chef ‘s arms with different dishes at the same potato dish!

Everyone cheerfully eat (⌒ – ⌒), Sankisu salad

Sanakisu salad. It is fashionable!
It is a salad with olive oil applied to a sweet and sour squirrel (orange).

It is a salad that does not seem to be anything if you put it in words, but it is also a dish that finishes tomatoes with hot water steaming carefully.

I had never eaten a Sanukisu salad, so I was a bit nervous and excited. At the moment of chewing Sanakis orange fruit juice spreads in the mouth, refreshing in a blink of an eye! The balance between olive oil and spice is exquisite.

I think that it is impossible to make this taste simply by applying olive oil to Sanxkis, but it was an exquisite balance and an elegant taste.

It may be perfect for when you want to replenish energy by lack of vitamins.

Order with wine, G board!

The G board of the staple menu of Babett. Is it naming from Hotel G?

Three kinds of cheese, ham, and Sasami are arranged fashionably on top of a long board.

Again, there are few places to eat blue cheese in Yangon, so I do not want to like cheese!

More delicious cheese! And those who are unsatisfactory seems to have a crown of up to 5 cheeses & ham and five Sasami babbet boards.

Spanish spicy pizza, G pizza absolutely should be ordered

Popular G pizza based on tomato, which added accent of spicy spicy.
Pizza of Asuatsu baked in a boiled boulder boast.

As the authentic pizza is as delicious as a crisp fabric, it is very simple that only two kinds of ham and olive are on top.

However, because of this simple topping, you can feel the taste of pizza. In particular, moderate hotness and ham flavor do not accumulate. I further stimulated my appetite.

Of course, classic Margherita also exists, but I am addicted to this spicy spicy pizza!
I also look forward to next time as there are many other kinds of pizzas.

Powerful full mark, classic pork chops

Next is the main pork chop.

It may be hard to understand in the picture, but it was quite large. Even 2-3 people are enough to eat.

Although it is a powerful full-sized size, it is also fashionable not only for power but also for how to serve it!

Many people in Myanmar can not eat beef, so it is also one of the popular dishes in Babet.

Pork made from charcoal fire is finished with good grilling.

Taste good!

How to enter the fire is wonderful, it is slightly warm in the inside, the surroundings are well grilled and the extra fat is falling down so refreshing and going into the mouth quickly.

It is only as a genius of cooking to taste the simple baked meat.

The taste of meat is neat, moderately soft, seasoning is perfect.

It is also recommended to eat with a special sauce that is included, but because it is a nice salt, the first mouth is recommended to eat as it is for the meat taste first.

Actually, I had the cooking process peeked in, but when using the flavor and baking, I use salt more than I thought. However, because it cooks in anticipation of falling fat, you can taste the original taste of meat even if you eat it without salt.

There are plenty of other delicious dishes, so it is a problem, but Babett pork chops are also recommended items.

Petit tomato cheese cake from New York?

Next is dessert. Even in Myanmar the cake is delicious normally, but here you can eat New York cheesecake.

I am the first try, but “Petit tomato” is on top of the cheese cake! !

start! !

Hmm! ! ! what? What? What?

It is surprising that sweet and sour taste of cheese cake and petit tomato is well harmonized.

As tomato itself is not as sweet as strawberries, seems not to make the cheesecake itself sweet.

Because of that, it seems that the taste of milk is felt, and the acidity of petit tomato is added to its deep flavor, so it is becoming a cheese cake that has never been tasted before! !

The crust is not too hard, it dissolves in the mouth along with the part of the cheese, and exquisite balance. The green tea ice which is next to was also the same quality as Japanese ice with high flavor of matcha.

Variety of rich restaurants, Babett

There are still a lot of menus, but when I summarize what I felt eating up to this point, it was the best to take anything such as restaurant service, taste, atmosphere, hygiene, cooking speed.

Although I went lunch, I felt that the use is also very convenient for each person, such as those who read books on the terrace or those who do meetings in the shop because of their comfort.

For convenience lunch Wednesday is ladies’ day

There is a course menu at 10000ks for lunch, women’s night can be drunk with a cocktail for free (free) on Wednesday from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock in ladies’ night.

Happy hour of “Beer 1 cup 1 dollar” until 17 – 19 o’clock on weekdays

Every weekend, artists and DJs are holding events, and weekdays there are also happy hours of “beer full $ 1 a cup of beer from 5 pm to 7 pm everyday.

I am doing a lot of events and promotions, so it seems I will not get bored.

※ By the way Tapas can only eat from 3 pm so be careful!

It’s a new type of restaurant that is rich in variety and also has entertainment.

It seems to be available for dates and anniversaries as well!

I think that it is ant to wear fashionable clothes at dinner and to use it on a date, and I think that it is ant to enjoy with friends.

Why do not you visit once by all means?

More than, it was from reporter Akira!

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